Monday, May 26, 2008

Global Citizen Journey Completes Ghana Legacy Project!!

Global Citizen Journey is proud to announce the completion of the Western Heritage Home Children's Home and Community Learning Center in Axim, Ghana.

In Fall of 2006, 30 North American and Ghanaian delegates spent three weeks in Axim, Ghana, sponsored by Global Citizen Journey. There we engaged in group facilitation processes, sponsored a Town Hall, engaged in various educational, health, sanitation, women's workshops, and conflict resolution mini-projects. We also embarked on an ambitious longer-term project to support Western Heritage Home, our hosts in Axim, in building a Children's Home/Community Learning Center in Axim.

It took us about two years, but the facility is virtually complete. All of us GCJ delegates, North Americans and Ghanaians alike, look back with pride and a little awe on this life-changing experience. We have made new life-long friends. Our understandings of our own and each other's cultures have deepened. We have proved Ghanaians and Americans can work as a team. None of us will ever look at the world in quite the same way again.