Friday, December 14, 2007

Small small update


I had a nice conversation with Anastasia today. She said "the children are wonderful. They LOVE it here." She said today was so nice, because it was a holiday, and so she worked with them on spelling a lot--first the boys, then the girls, then back to the boys, back to the girls, with an assignment for Monday. They also worked on reading, and those who can read are helping those who can't.

She said they also are working on "please" and "thank you." They must say, "please". She said most did not do that or say their own names clearly.

I asked her if they're sleeping OK at night (new place, scary???). She said they are "sleeping well, very very well." She emphasized how much they really really love the sheets on the beds (probably a new experience maybe for all of them). They also love their school uniforms.

We talked to Mr. B (Manye Headmaster) on Wednesday. He said "the children are doing well, they're doing well. They're into a regular life now---home and school." He has tons of ideas of how their lives should be ordered from sunup to sundown. We suggested he work with Esi on all of that!

Anas' computer is stlll down. Had conversations with Frank, Anas, and Leif today on that. I think we're getting it worked out.