Friday, August 24, 2007


A group of 7 GCJ Ghana Project Alums are returning to Axim in September. While there, we'll take in the Kundum Festival, a traditional gathering of the local Ahanta people, whose traditional center is Axim. Watch this Blog for photos!!

AND more importantly, we will particpate in the dedication of Western Heritage Home. We've worked long and hard on this building and we are looking forward to dedicating it and seeing it put to good use. We're hoping the children can be moved in in mid-September. Next goal is to raise funds to finish the second floor, put the community learning center's conference area to good use and develop the computer learning lab.

Meanwhile, Mr Browne-Umar, the Manye Academy's Executive Director is focusing on deveoping the science program at his school. Since the school has so warmly embraced our children -- our Western Heritage Home Scholars --, we have decided to pitch in and bring science equipment and supplies not readily available for purchase in Axim. Jerome, Suz, Jeanie, and Rich (shown), and Tom have gathered six suitcases of science equipment and supplies. Thanks to so many friends, esp. teacher friends, for their generous help. Mr. Browne-Umar is organizing an orientation and workshops with the teachers and work to coordinate these materials with the Ghanaian Dept of Education's science curriculum.