Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Annie and neighbor girl making "real" African fufu for our dinner (served in a ball in groundnut soup, with smoked fish)

May 15

Diana for you: I have good photos of Hajara, girls, etc which I'll forward to you when I get home. I have also read all your "idea" emails. The people here have a pretty full plate right now---and I don't think I should introduce something new right at this time. The girls and Hajara herself really appreciate your scholarships---a chance for them to learn a vocational skill.

Leif: I talked to Ghana Telecom again today. I have more info, but I think I'll wait until I get back to discuss thoroughly with you. I'm not quite finished with my fact gathering. Went to a lot of places today, and have a few more interviews on that subject ahead of me. Also, I laid the CPU on its side today and it took the CD immediately, so...just to make sure the vent on the top side is not covered. When I got back to the room, A had covered it with a booklet, so tomorrow I'll go through that with my more "stern Mom" approach.

Barbara: I went to the "special gardens" today, and learned through a guy who just happened to be there and was willing to interpret that the plants are from various places in the world, not from "our" forests/jungles here. So that will be a more complex project. Please just give this much to BHam James who was interested in my findings on that. He is interested in what local wild herbs/plants etc might be cultivated and used. Note that Essie stepped on a nail, made a poultice of a leaf and ginger, put it on a hot stone, and in two days, it was fine. Hmmmm.
Also, please tell BHam James that according to the contractor (M Biney) the site is perfect for solar application. He actually went to Accra to talk to somebody about it. So...

Susan P: I got them to fill out surveys---they're input seems a bit sketchy, but I'll forward them to you.

Went to the site today. The roofing materials have almost all been delivered. The last row of concrete is being added to the "near" side. Probably as soon as tomorrow they will begin the roofing. Today they were treated the wood with preservative. Many of the doors have been hung and swing easily and also lock. They are starting to think about the color of paint--they want it to be "spectacular", per Patrick! I can't wait to see what they choose. When I thanked Patrick for his incredible vigilance and work, he got quite emotional. He really loves this project.
Today Anastasia finished entering all data, deposits and receipts, from inception until the last we have. She's doing a terrific job. I noticed some anomalies which I'll work through with her tomorrow. Then on to how to make reports, how to backup, and how to download and file photos.

I had a great and "real" African dinner made by Annie and Esi last night---they said at the meeting (as they call it) we had Ghanaian ingredients, but not made and served exactly like they like (which is why the Ghana GCJ meeting notes included Gifty's comments about our not eating "good Ghanaian food". They were outside, pounding the fufu (very very good---cassava and plaintain mixed) with fish and sauce and rice in case I didn't like fufu. It was fun. They love being "real Africans", and said "doesn't it smell like Africa?"

With luck Constance will gather her women tomorrow. She's working on it. I hope it comes off---even if only a couple. I let her know I'd like to talk just to her, if others can't join.
Hot again today...more typical. The cool spell is definitely passed us.
Enough before I get cut off. Love you whoever you are reading this...Maryanne