Monday, April 30, 2007

Hi, all
Another day about half over. Met with Annie, Esi, and Anastasia this am in Bentil's office. Discussed many things, including all of you GCJ alums! Esi discussed the news that the government is taking over Manye JSS, but not the primary. However the problem? is that the gov't won't allow Manye to collect fees from people so they have only 30,000 cedis per child per year to work with (30,000 cedis is about $3.50 US!) What the govt does is charge for taking exams, as much as 40000 per exam, and if you don't pass, you pay again. I guess that's how they improve their revenue situation. The gov't school is providing textbooks, but Manye teachers don't like the textbooks, etc. etc. etc.
Said Hi to Bentil, too, and others who just dropped in. Then, we took off with Thani in taxi to "the site". I'd been there at 9:30--no M Biney (MB), just a few workers kind of hanging out. I was there at 11:30 and he had just come---but that's James' problem. I'm not here to supervise. Meanwhile, since Annie, Essi, and Anastasia had a "car", we of course stopped at various places, delivered 6 bags of cement to someone, etc.! But it was fun. Then we WALKED from the site to Manye, and I can vouch personally that 's a pretty good trail, needs a little weeding in places, but it is owned by Manaye, who have promised to clean it up. It took exactly 10 minutes, stopped twice to talk and also Anastasia didn't have the greatest walking shoes, so we're fine on that. It ends in a small settlement, with friendly people, a not very busy road, and there's the school. So, I'm happy about that---I think all the kids will just scamper to school in 5-10 minutes probably.
Then I came home and have been working on James' computer all pm. Have managed to update XP and Internet Explorer, but problems with the virus checker. (Windows LiveOneCare). It says it's seriously in need of updating, but I can't do it. Well, I'll try Leif now and then and see if we can't make a connection. Tomorrow I'll probably get anastasia's cmputer and bring it here to work on.
My room is fne---small, but adequate. Tomorrow I'll walk to the site. PLEASE UNDERSTAND I CAN READ YOUR EMAILS BUT CANNOT EMAIL OUT. Also, the wireless here is not working, so I'm on ethernet, which might be the problem. LEIF: DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS? The guy here is really pretty good, but on this he can't figure it out. I remember Susan had the problem before at the i-net cafes, but I don't know if it ever got resolved.
Also, Rich, I think it's fine it people just read the blog now on their own and you don't send the emails---would be better. I'll try to update pretty often.
I forgot to say yesterday that I had the program from Barbara's ordination, and the K's and I sang all the songs together---they knew all the tunes, although they were a little shaky on "ode to Joy". Also, Charles showed up, so he's still here. And I showed them the photo of the joyful Barbara---I'll try to post it.

thanks Rich for updating people, but I think they can look at the blog now, which would be better. Hope all is well there. I had a sad moment at breakfast, looking at the dining area without all my friends, and also thinking about Renee, my dear cousin. How alive and wonderful she was and how I'll miss her.
Also, I found a better spot for cell phone reception, thanks to Mike---my "place" is not good, but he showed me the "best" place.
I think we'll have rain tonight.
Good to see everyone today---a nice welcome and time to catch up, while walking and riding around town. Mahara, if you're reading this, they call Thani "Mr. Mahara"!!!
Love you all, Maryanne