Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Greetings from Axim --
Dinner tonight is on the beach with a bonfire -- celebrating a great day with the Axim community. This was the "Town Hall" day, where we facilitated a large scale change intervention to assist the town in gaining energy and inspiration to deal with it's problems.

I hope someone is posting the blog today for us, though I'm contributing this before I sign off from computer.

The Ghanaian and N. American delegations were in full action today, facilititating the large group through the Town Hall process we'd established. Much thanks to Susan P, Mahara, and Dennis with the Ghanaian folks, Bentil and Old Soldier for their work.

The day was co-facilitied by Susan Partnow and James Kainyiah -- masters together working the people. I'll leave the day's activity to be posted by the blogger of day, though I will tell you from my perspective it was an energizing day to see the things they need to do here, and ideas they have.

Music used throughout day was fabulous, you can't help but get up and dance the Ghanaian beat.
Tomorrow we work on the orphanage -- yeah!