Friday, October 27, 2006

to continue...all the delegates were thrilled by the opportunity to get out into the community and into working environments. We have wonderful Ghanaian delegates---women and men. They are open, articulate, participating fully in circle time, and sharing their culture, ideas, struggles with us and we with them.
This afternoon will be special, because we will be formally received by the King of Lower Axim. This area is under a traditional/democratic combination situation. It will be a formal audience together with a meeting with the various department heads in whose organizations we are working. We'll try to get a blog out on that. Tomorrow a Durbar is planned where they mattresses, computers, and books will be accepted and dedicated. For that, we all will have to wear African clothing, which they are making as a gift for us (big secret, don't tell). The orphanage is coming along very very well. Today a truck is coming from Takoradi with a load of materials. The second floor walls are almost finished. The town is buzzing I think with all the activity going on. Speaking of the town, we've been touring is, meeting in it, walking through it. Poor. Yesterday, JJ, our journalist delgate from Accra, walked all over town looking for a newspaper and found not one. But the children look reasonably OK, people are very very friendly, very dignified, not shy particularly. We've learned some Fante phrases. We toured the slave castle---what a sad experience for all of us, North Americans AND Ghanaians. But now we are looking to the future, and honoring the past but not letting it control us. Well, enough for this time. The food is delicious---we all love it from both cultures. The internet connections are very iffy. The hotel is reasonably comfortable, and the staff is doing everything to make us welcome. The Catholics have let us use their bus for a reasonable daily amount. Rich will be preaching in two Methodist churches the next two sundays---has met with the Methodist minister here. More maybe tonight. Thanks to all who are reading this, following our journey, wishing us well, keeping us in your hearts. We feel we're in a living learning laboratory here, and are so incredibly fortunate to be in this spot at this time. Medasi.