Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hi GCJer's and Friends,
Hilight of our day yesterday, was a visit to the King of Nzema (the Paramount Chief), his retinue, and members of his assembly. It was an unexpected visit, and we each were asked to speak, according to particular protocols. Nana Kaku Bulu 11, James, reminded us today how he started with his hands behind his back and head down, until he had the sense that we were being well received. We had kept them waiting for over an hour, and they recounted our transgression, but forgave us. We noted how they were straightforward and frank. In the end, it felt cleaner.
Today we met with many of the delegates and board members. Jeanie - you have the deputy director - a delightful young woman - nurse. Jackie - you have a strong, friendly business manager as a teacher. There is a teaching strike on now.
We had the clear experience of cultural differences in communications and it was enlightening and interesting.
Time is about to run out, so I had better post.
Off to Accra to continue arrangements tomorrow.
It is wonderful to be here. Looking forward to the whole group joining us. Great Ghanaian delegates!