Friday, October 27, 2006

Did we mention it's hot and humid? Did we mention the fantastic ocean, good fish? We met the District Executive (mayor) who welcomed us and promised us protection while we are here. We are most grateful to the many officials who have extended the warm Ghanaian welcome to us and assured us of their interest and desire to leave "without incident", as Exec. Ellima put it.
Yesterday Jeanie, Suz, JJ and Mustafa spent the afternoon at the hospital. They saw the situation with the mattresses in the children's and women's areas, and we so grateful that we have been able to have 56 mattresses manufactured in Accra to replace those. They will be arriving tomorrow. Jerome, Jackie, and Dine visited two schools. Jerome reported classrooms with absolutely no equipment, esp. the science classrooms. He will be teaching a science class next week. The gov. is putting the effort into primary education, and the secondary schools need a LOT of help. Leif, Frank, and Tom visited the school's computer lab (Pentium 1, Windows 98) and also paid a call on Ghana Telecom offices in town. There is a promise of a new switch of some kind and internet possibility soon. Meanwhile the rest of us planned the Town Hall for next week, and the women's entrepreneurial workshop. We are completely integrated with our Ghanaian delegates now, and working in pods on various projects. What a fantastic cross-cultural experience (and challenge). \more in a minutes. out of minutes