Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hi all.
Whew. Finally I'm at an internet connection, but it's none too good, so we'll see. I arrived in Ghana almost a week ago, and was met by Frank and James. Went to Quass Hotel, and next morning headed for Sekondi. I've been with James and Justine in their home until this morning, when we came to Axim, and I'm now in the NEW internet/business center at the ABH. Sadly all the staff we knew, but Mike, are gone. I think there's a story, but Mike won't tell me---all new people--nice but new. Michael Biney, James, and Sammy the carpenter just left. They spent the morning with the king, Mr. and Mrs. Abbey, and worked out the rest of the contract with Mr. Biney taking over. The touchy business of finishing off the roof, etc. is left, and Biney is an expert, as his carpenter in roof joining, etc., so it's for the best. He is very enthuastic about the building. I hosted a lunch at the ABH hotel just now for Michael, James, and Sammy, as a way to welcome the new contract, etc.
The hotel now has solar hot water panels next to many of the huts. Anyway, I'm going to post this, to make sure I don't lose it, and then I'll go back to other news.