Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tuesday, Kumasi

Let's do some quick catch up,

Barbara G spoke with Womens Aglow group here, and Maryanne went with her.

Others went for wade in water to get into a boat that took us to the island with the Axim light house. Most climbed to top of light house for a grand view back to Axim and out to sea, and watched the fishing boats ride the waves in and out of the bay. James K really gave of himself as he carried Jerome from land to boat to load, off load on island, and then reverse back to mainland. What a gentle soul we've seen in James K.

Afternoon to Nzulezu Village. Took over an hour bus ride, then an hour row boat ride with heavy oars, to reach the village that is built on stilts in the water. Then hour boat ride back, and long bus home.

Rich spoke at a Methodist church in town, and several delegates went to hear.
Delegates coming and going, starting to pack.
Jerome visited a family at the hospital, as the wife had been in car collision north of Axim and had double amputation of legs. He went to give hope since he's here and doing fine after his own amputation.

Closed the GCJ time in Axim with circle and speaking highlights with each other. The King of Lower Axim came to bid us farewell and thank us fo all that had been done with the orphanage, the town hall meeting, all the help given throughout Axim community. He passed out our certifiates for the American delegation with our Ghanaian names they'd given us the Saturday before and made us honorary citizens.
Closing dinner was a huge baracuda fish -- very good!

Back on American time now, departed hotel about 5 minutes late, rather than our typical waiting 1/2 hr or more to start things in Ghana time.
Bus to Takoradi, where James K, Barbara and Susan P were at SKYY news station for interview for TV. We'd already learned that the prior Saturday celebration with Lower Axim King and chiefs had been on national TV showing all the hospital mattresses that Jeanie had spear headed as a sub-project for this trip.
While the three interviewed, most of us stood in line exchanging anything we had for Ghana currency at Foreign Exchange.
Lunch with Catherine R from Bellingham who's living north of Cape Coast and runs a travel agency there to support an orphanage with funds; and then on the bus again.
On to Kakum National Rain Forest -- and a walk on the canopy walk high in the trees.

Arrived into Kumasi last night at hotel about 10:30pm. The drive north to Kumasi in the evening was filled with a long and wonderful electric storm show off in the sky to west. Arriving at hotel, we all worried about bus clearing the entry with the luggage on top. The security guys outside said not to worry. Then we heard a "crunch", and ended up backing out. Thankfully not our luggage, but it had go the ladder at back of bus. Alll were tired, and went quick to bed. Rumors this morning of Tuesday is that somehow Tom and Louise got the hotel's honeymoon suite last night, though we were all supposed to have similar rooms.

Annie and Anna Esi came with us from Axim to be with us in Kumasi.

Breakfast of a tasty omelette, toast, jam, oatmeal, and the coffee or milo that we drink.
Group split into 3 groups for market morning.

One group met up with Elizabeth and Charlotte, who live in Kumasi, relatives of friend back in Seattle. How wonderul that Charlotte guided the one group through market for purchases before going to palace museum. This market is like none other in world. Huge! so many stalls of small 1-2 person businesses. Food, meat, clothing, fabric, jewelry, shoes, household, just goes on and on. Tight quarters also, as most opted out sooner than the alloted whole time because of claustraphobia. Of the world travelers in our group, none had seen or experienced anything like this market.

Tonight after dinner we meet Charlotte Abaka, a Ghanaian woman who is highly regarded in areas of Human Rights, and helping Liberia with trying to stabilize and set up infrastructure. She is representative to UN for Liberia from Ghana.
Then we lose Jerome and Rich who head north tomorrow, and Anna Esi and Annie back to Axim.

Best to all, and prayers. And especially family and friends back in Washington State where the internet news shows there is record rain and rivers flooding.

Signing off,
Diana blogging for the group.

(Sorry for any typos -- difficult keyboard here.)