Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Re-entry... and some photos!
Many of us are back, adjusting to the re-entry, reverse culture shock (gleaming bathrooms with hot water, showers and consistently flushing toilets, for example)... while Leif, Rich, Jerome, Louise, Tom, Barbara and Diana continue to enjoy further exploration of Ghana.

What an incredible journey! Filled with inspiration, learning, challenges and amazing successes... We'll be writing insights, lessons, etc. over the next weeks...

This is just a short message to upload a few photos:
**the orphans: what a thrill to meet them (at our introduction to the lower king of Axim) -- and dance with them! The Board of the Western Christian Heritage Home will have to take on the daunting task of identifying those in greatest need, as the number of applicants exceeds the capacity of the orphanage.
**the mattresses: US delegate Jeannie raised the funds for these greatly needed mattresses for the hospital -- now patients can rest in comfort to recover better.
**the orphanage worksite: we enjoyed a great (though very hot and sweaty) day of work on the site with North American and Ghanaian delegates plus a number of the women from the town. By the time we left, the second story was well under way.
**Town Hall: an extraordinary day of inspiration and empowerment, with over 150 diverse voices heard from townspeople, envisioning the desired future for Axim and exploring the challenges that need to be dealt with.