Sunday, April 29, 2007

To resume...
James and Justine were upbeat, positive, and their usual optimistic selves. This in spite of nearly no electricity going on for months now, and no tap water at all for the last nearly 4 weeks. Daughters Elfrieda, and Maureen, and nieces Edna and Linda, carried water from the tap across the street into the house for 2-3 hours day---on the head pans. The amount of work created by this situation is really daunting. Ravyn's headlamp and wind-up flashlight were an ENORMOUS hit. I wish I had brough a dozen. They immediately put them to use. Justine is baking 100 loaves a day about in her gas oven downstairs, but when it's dark, she can't, but last night she baked them with the headlamp on. I helped some. She is making a delicious "tea bread" that she's able to sell readily. We delivered them around to shops and they were gone in minutes. So that's going well, as is her mining uniform business.
James can get internet in spite of all this, if his battery is charged, but there's something wrong with his computer. We tried to run the virus checker, etc., but no luck. I took it with me to Axim. The wireless is down here (I'm on ethernet now), but when it's up I'll start plugging away at it, proably with Leif's help.
On Friday I was surprised to learn that we were going to a durbar! It seems the vice president of Ghana himself, a Muslim by the way, was coming to Nkroful to dedicate a development project---turning Nkforful SS into a science and technology high school!! Much investment! Gifty's husband is THE HEADMASTEr, so this was great. Anyway, our lower Axim Trad. Council people were there and I was very warmly welcomed. I was invited to wear "the cloth", but I declined because it was so terribly hot, and I didn't want to draw a lot of attention to myself, either. There was not only our own little group, of the King and council of elders and thier wives, etc., but also about 12 other trad. councils plus all the elccted officials from Mr. Elimah on up to the VP himself. AND, Marcus Garvey, the son of Marcus Garvey was honored. A good day of lots of pomp and circumstance, warm welcomes, dancing, drumming, etc. I'm going to post so I won't lose this.