Thursday, August 09, 2007


Congratulations to the Global Citizen Journey Ghanaian delegate alums (shown in planning meeting in photo) who on August 7, 2007 successfully hosted a followup Town Forum! By all accounts the meeting was a step forward for the folks of Axim. The District Chief Executive gave the opening remarks. Attendees from various sectors in the commnity attended, including representatives from the Christian Council, Fishmongers, Fishermen, Traditional Council, Market Women, Assembly Members, N.E.D.A., Farmers, Urban Council, Opinion Leaders, Secondary School Leaders, G.N.A.T., Health, and G.P.R.T.U.

According to one of the conveners, community participants openly shared their views, opinions, and concerns. Topics included the condition of the roads, sanitation and water, education, the condition of the Axim Landing Beach, and the use and sustainability of the new orphanage/community learning center.

Thanks to the first Town Hall meeting, held back in November, 2006, hosted by North American and Ghanaian Global Citizen Journey delegates, the local people were familiar with the process this time around, and according to particpants, the meeting went smoothly and was very helpful. Plans are afoot for another meeting next year as followup.