Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May 16
To review: Jerome, Dina and Frank have done the basic registration, will do the forms in June, and the student will go to school in Sept when the term starts. Dina has the money. All is OK on that front. Please let Jackie know.'

We are meeting tomorrow to figure out the next strategy for the building. Things are going well, although yesterday the masons didn't show up which annoyed everyone. Today the paint color was decided: cream and chocolate. Basically, the guys deferred to Anastasia who had strong opinions. They want it to be spectacular, and so it will be.Basically did receipts and training in reports, etc. today.

We have the final, final bank statement, checkbook, and the last receipts, so tomorrow we'll polish it off. Going well.Kids are in school and attending regularly. Got the invoice for 2nd term today, (esi did) but there was an error in it, so back it goes.

BARBARA: women's meeting won't be until Friday, per Constance. We went to her stand today. Bentil is looking for a place to meet, which seems hard to come by.

Anastasia can't wait to "market" the new building as a meeting place. She is dynamite. :) The young guys around Axim are definitely aware of her...interesting. I'll report on that at some other point. She has the bank manager around her little finger because she has mastered the new currency---she did the entire Quicken file in the "new" currency, so it will all be consistent. He was so impressed, he gave her a special poster that is supposed to go only to "big" outfits, such as the Social Security and Insurance Administration.

Lots of discussion about the building: should they put the roof up? or finish the floors first? Everyone has an opinion, but the contractor, who presumeably knows what is best, will do what he will do. It sprinkled a bit today which kind of set everybody off on the roof business.James is coming tomorrow; Justine on Friday to be with the women's group. Anastasia will go to the women's group, too, to help us, take photos, notes, and generally be helpful. She's very excited about it. She will be a good network person for Gifty to get to know.