Thursday, December 13, 2007


Hi everyone,

WE DID IT!! Believe it or not, on Dec 5, 28 children moved into the Western Heritage Children's Home, right there on the hill above Manye Academy, a short walk from the main road, and downtown, into their brand-new beautiful "Happy Blue" Home!

Unfortunately, our Jerome who was there to witness the entire thing had his camera stolen in Amsterdam on the way back from Ghana, and so we have not one photo to show at this time of this "highlight of the year" event. But keep an eye out---the Ghanaians are trying to get some digital shots to us.

Last we heard, the kids had moved in. They arranged the beds the way they like them! Someone gave them a huge roll of bed sheeting, and they were trying to cut "sheet-size" lengths for their mattresses on the bunkbeds. The mattresses themselves were a gift from Volta Aluminum Co (Valco) in Ghana (thank you, you good guys, you). The only scissors they had wouldn't cut it, so Jerome used his pocket knife to start the cut, and they tore them. We heard Annie, our home mother, was last seen sitting on the table hemming sheets.

She was sitting on the table, because thus far we have NO CHAIRS. Nor do we have kitchen counters, cabinets, etc. But, the kids are happy; they consider themselves "pioneers", moving in before everything is perfect, and paving the way for others.

Older kids are taking responsibility for the younger ones. When James left on Sunday about 6:00 the older kids were ironing the uniforms for the younger ones for school on Monday morning (ironing and wearing freshly pressed school uniforms is just what you do in Ghana!)

A little harmless green snake creeped into the girls' bathroom, and caused shrieks and screams all around. The boys set up a make-shift soccer field, with bricks for goal posts. They loved the big styrofoam "world puzzle" Jerome brought. WHERE IS GHANA????

John, our Ghanaian public health extraordinaire, reported he'd delivered 34 veronica buckets to the schools and orphanage, and will soon conduct workshops with staff on their use.

Mr. Browne, Headmaster of Manye, says the kids are attending school every day, and are "doing well." He has a million ideas for how their lives should be ordered, from sunup to sundown. Mr. Browne, we love you, your many good ideas and your unending caring spirit.

We look back on this event-filled year in wonder and amazement. We've accomplished a lot, and we've really had a lot of fun, too. And we're not done yet...