Sunday, January 06, 2008


This report covers the period between 05/12/2007 to 02/01/2008. It was compiled by WHH staff.

05/10/07 The children came into residence. They brought their things in the morning and went to school. They came back after school at 3pm. They were served their 1st meal of Jollof rice and boiled eggs at 4pm.

10/12/07 Peter A. had a severe stomach ache. He was given aerodros and the pain went down.

11/12/07 Dorothy A. also complained of pains in the stomach. She was given the same treatment and the problem was solved.

12/12/07 Adiza developed boils on the head, Wahab complained of stomach pain, they were both taken to the hospital.

15/12/07 Olivia also complained of stomach pain, Eric M. also had the same problem.

17/12/07 Mother started deworming all of the children with Litamox. They were all dewormed in batches. It was found out that the children were suffering form worms. Now they are all better.

15/12/07 Mr. Chamsu the Country Director for the Boewing Company visited the home to acquaint himself with current developments. He visited with Nana Kaku Bulu alias James Kainyaih of Jamkay Enterprise who is also the Board Chairperson for the Heritage Home. Mr. Chamsu gave the children 2boxes of kalypo drink (24 in a box) and some biscuits. One box was reserved by the children but other box was reserved for X-mass.

24/12/07 Philomina M. became seriously sick. She was so weak that she couldn’t walk. She was carried on the back by one of the cooks to her caregiver since it was near X-mass for lack of money and also it is reported that the sickness is recurring, she was treated with the usual medicine the caregiver often uses for her. Mother will consult her for details of the medication.

25/12/07 She returned to the home quite well. She is till here.

24/12/07 A man gave his name as Moses donated to the home 1 crate minerals and half bag of rice.

24/12/07 Nana gave meat to the children enough for 1 meal.

24/12/07 A live goat was donated to home by Inspector Adarkwa of the Ghana Police Service-Axim

30/12/07 Madam Beatrice Woode Essiene who has returned from UK donated the following items to the home.

1. 1 panful of cassava
2. 1 big bunch of plantain
3. 1 small panful of beans (about 10 margarine cups)
4. 1 gallon Gino oil
5. 4 tins mackerel
6. 40 margarine cups of gari
7. 1 maxi bag of rice

31/12/07 Fredrick J. knelt on a broken bottle that has contained his pomade. A deep cut was made on his left knee, he is being treated. The wound is almost healed.

Isaac Anvo K. is coughing. He is being treated with local herbs and the situation is under control.
A few caregivers have also donated a few items.

Mrs. Theresa Essien a widow also brought a head load of cassava on 28/12/07. this served as a meal for the children. It was pounded into fufu.

Mmo Nyona a caregiver also brought 2 smoked fish on 26/12/07.
Since the beginning of the year 2008, from the 1st to the 2nd nothing has happened to any child. They are all happy.

The mother took them to church on Sunday 23/12/07. on the 30th 10 of them also went to church. Only 10 went because they were leaving home earlier for the 7:30am service. Breakfast was not ready yet because they left earlier, so, only older children who said they could skip breakfast and take it later went to church.

The children celebrated the X-mass season with special soup made from the donated goat. It was slaughtered and half was cooked for them.

Half was preserved and this has been cooked for them. They enjoyed groundnut soup and fufu for 2 lunches from it. They are happy.

Compiled by Madam Anna E., Mother