Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Greetings from Ghana

James and Justine Kainyiah called today and asked us to convey on behalf of the Western Heritage Home Board, staff, and especially all the children whose lives have been touched by us, a heartfelt Christmas blessing. They especially thank Global Citizen Journey and its Ghana Project delegates for their continuing support and friendship. And they wish they could personally thank the many North Americans who have helped build the orphanage/community center facility and all the other projects we've worked together on during 2007. The orphanage enjoyed Opening Day on Dec 5, and is now providing a home for 28 children. Those of school age are attending nearby Manye Academy, a public school, thanks to our collective efforts.

Not all of the children shown in the photo above are living in the orphanage but all are in need. Most are living with their extended families, but their families do not have the financial ability to keep them in school and in many cases, to provide adequate food. Thanks to your help, many of these children will see their lives improve during 2008. They are are on a new and hopeful path.
We Global Citizen Journey Ghana alumni also add our heartfelt thanks to all of you for an amazing and wonderful year.