Monday, May 26, 2008

WHH Community Learning Center Nearly Ready for Operations

Thanks to a generous grant to Global Citizen Journey Ghana Project from the Boeing Corporation's West African headquarters, the Western Heritage Home Board of Directors has been able to fund the completion of the second floor of the WHH Children's Home/Community Learning Center. This marks the completion of GCJ's legacy project in Axim.
Local workers are laying tile, painting, installing electrical fittings, fans, etc. When finished the Board plans to start computer learning classes for teens and older adults, and launch a remedial exam center for local students studying for their secondary school graduation exams.

Students who finish secondary school must pass comprehensive exams covering their entire educational experience to be able to qualify for technical school. Typically, students spend about three months preparing for these exams, in study groups with a trained tutor. There is no such program in the Axim area currently, and most students either end their education without taking the exams, or go to live with family in larger cities that do have such exam study centers. The WHH Board plans to sponsor a program in Axim in their facility---a major addition to the educational opportunities in this area. The building will also provide room for volunteers, community meetings, and modest conferences, leadership training, and women's entrepeneurial activities.
We are grateful to Produce Buying Corporation for a cash donation, and also to Volta Aluminum Corporation for a deep freeze, fridge, sewing machines, two gas stoves, a blender, and other items. Both are Ghana-based companies.

And, Global Citizen Journey Ghana Project delegates and Western Heritage Home Board and staff join to thank Boeing West Africa and the more than 250 individuals and families who helped fund this project. We have been told this is the first substantial building erected in Axim since the British left exactly 50 years ago! The much-needed facility will provide a home for many activities aimed at improving the educational, social, health, and economic life in Axim.