Monday, May 26, 2008

WHH Children's Home Operational

Rich and Maryanne visited Axim in April 2008, and found to their immense satisfaction that the WHH Children's Home is up and running with twenty children in residence. All but one of the children attend Manye Academy daily. Charlotte will continue at Morning Star Academy until the end of the term in September, and then she'll transfer to Manye.

Generous friends had given some cash to take with us, and we were able to provide some finishing touches to the children's residence: screen doors for malaria prevention; some adult-sized chairs; bookcase, kitchen storage shelves and work table; extra mops, brooms, etc. so the children can help with Saturday family cleanup activities; hoes for farming; wall clock; and shelves for books and learning materials.

We had an emotional moment when walking home from the Catholic Youth Service with the children, and upon seeing the roof of the building in the distance, one yelled, "See Mum, there's our Home!!"

Other generous friends donated a dozen used laptops, and 35 chess sets. The press came for the dedication ceremony. Meanwhile, we taught the older kids and some staff how to play chess.

Eli, a young friend, who recently graduated from a three-year program in computer technology and networking, is setting up Ubuntu on the computers.Soon they will be placed in service in the Computer Learning Lab on the second floor.